How to intensify prevention
of illiteracy and successfully fight school dropping out?

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If you are parents of young children, caring about their success in school,



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If you are pre-school teachers (or future pre-school teachers) aware of the primordial function that you fulfil in the acquisition of first knowledge,



"Adequate mastery of reading skills is the mandatory condition for accessing knowledge and culture".

If you are responsible citizens, determined to fight illiteracy, first cause of school failure of too many children,



If you occupy a position of responsibility in the educational system and are sincerely determined to try and reduce the inequality of chances,



If you simply are aware that something can be done to cause most children from the less endowed layers of society to have access to knowledge and culture...



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Contrary to popular belief, which is that the reading skill is only a simple skill to be mastered on the same level as geography or singing, very interesting research has shown that mastery of that skill in due time, that is before the age of 6 years old, has undeniable consequences on the structuration of the brain and on the development of intelligence.

( The Neurolinguistic Foundations of Intelligence ) -
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Summary :

.Illiteracy endures
. What solutions?
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